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Philips DVP3880 DVD Player – remote control codes

Created: 27 March 2012 (Work in progress)

This is the remote controller supplied with the Philips DVP3880/05 DVD player sold in the UK. It may also perhaps be the same model supplied with the DVP3800 and DVP3850 models too.

The supplied Philips RC-5610 remote controller emits a rather narrow and weak infra red beam. Combined with the need to depress the buttons firmly, I've observed I have had to press a button more than once on a number of occasions, only succeeding after I've carefully aimed the remote towards the DVD player. It doesn't bode well the remote is powered by a single 1.5v AAA battery so the intensity of the IR beam is probably weak too. The IR receive sensor in the DVP3880 may also have a narrow vision of reception too. My observations applied to a pair of DVP3880 DVD players and remote controllers I tested. When I look at the IR transmitter on the end of the remote, it is evident the IR beam is also being elevated slightly too.

I normally use a OneForAll universal remote to operate all my AV equipment as it has a far more powerful wide angle IR beam. I use an URC-7556 universal learning remote and this does seem to offer a better angle of operation than the original Philips remote. I'm still evaluating these remote control issues at the time of writing.

After contacting OneForAll customer care, they confirmed device code 0539 should be used as recommended on their website for the DVP3880. This replicates most of the basic functions on the original Philips RC-5610 remote but some key functions such as Power and Eject either didn't work or were not available.

My remote can learn the missing functions, such as 'Eject'. But there is an issue with executing a 'learned code' more than once in succession. eg. If you want to open and subsequently close the disc tray, the executed 'learned code' for 'Eject' will only be obeyed once by the DVD player to open the disc tray. To get around this issue, you can press a dormant button, such as the 'OK' button, and then send the 'learned code' for Eject again to close the disc tray.

A better solution is to use 'Key Magic' and manually program the correct EFC code for the required function into the remote. This is a list of the EFC codes which I have been able to discover and confirm as working. They were obtained from the JP1 Device Lookup Tool for URC-7555 for Philips device codes 0539 & 2056, and information provided by OneForAll customer care.

RC-5610 remote

OFA button (* = suggested)

EFC (** = manual editing)



244 **


-/-- *

032 **

Disc Menu


132 **


AV *

158 **



030 **

Up arrow

Up arrow


Down arrow

Down arrow


Right arrow

Right arrow

Fast Forward *


Left arrow

Left arrow

Fast Reverse *










Pause *





Skip Previous

Skip Previous


Skip Next

Skip Next






Guide *

140 **


Radio *

064 **

Screen Size

Fav *

117 **


015 **

Repeat/Repeat A-B

176 **

Assign device setup code 0539 to the DVD device button on the URC-7555/6. Most of the buttons on the remote will now operate the DVP-3880. However, functions such as Power and Eject may need to be manually assigned. eg. For the URC-7556, use this sequence of key strokes to assign the EFC code 244 to the 'Power' button on the remote:

DVD MAGIC (hold down until it blinks twice) 9 9 4 (blinks twice) MAGIC 0 0 2 4 4 Power (blinks twice)

For alternative Universal remotes to the supplied Philips remote, OneForAll currently offer a variety of remotes including the Digital 5 URC-7557 (Amazon UK £17), and the newer Smartcontrol URC-7960 (Amazon UK £15).

By default the DVP3880 has HDMI-CEC enabled (Philips Easylink) too, this allows some basic DVD players operations to be achievable using my Sony Bravia TV's remote (or my OFA universal remote emulating a Sony TV remote) such as Play/Pause, Stop, Fast Forward/Reverse, 'Goto', and Power on/off. Some functions appear to be missing including: 'Eject', DVD root 'Menu', subtitles and audio.

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