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My MX-200i Internet Radio Resource page

Created 11th April 2008.  Last edited: 3 Sep 2012 

3 Nov 14: Amazon UK have started to offer the Ocean Digital WR-200, fulfilled from UK warehouses. I suspect the hardware is internally identical to the old MX-200i, but with the benefit of newer firmware.

Following the demise of the official Reciva user forum, a separate user forum was created at Reciva Refuge.

This web page also contains contributions from readers.




This web page is hosted free by I do not receive any money from any of the advertising banners.


The Vistron MX-200i is a Reciva based internet radio imported and sold through the UK online retailer, from March 2008 onwards.   It originally cost about £50 including delivery and is available in three matt colours: black, white and pink.  It has a built-in loudspeaker and is supplied with a slim remote controller.  eBuyer sold the last remaining units in December 2009.

Higher specification variants of the MX-200i which include an ethernet socket are also offered in the USA by C.Crane and in Germany by Dnt.  Their corresponding premium price tags also reflect the higher levels of after-sales customer service offered by those companies.


Marks & Spencer also offered the MX200. This features additional wired ethernet and Line out sockets, and runs firmware v257-a-615-a-083-a021 according to this thread.




The radio was packaged in a very plain white box.  Only a label no larger than a postage stamp had 'MX-200i' printed on it.

The first thing that strikes you about the MX-200i is how small it is relative to other internet radios such as the Logik IR100.  There is no mains transformer within the unit, so it is also very light in weight.  The matt plastic finish of the case and Dial/Select knob do look and feel a bit 'cheap' compared to say the piano gloss finish of the IR100.  The Dial/Select knob also doubles as a volume control when tuned into a radio station.   The speaker is protected by a black painted mesh grill, just like the IR100.

3 preset radio stations can be accessed via the front panel, however up to 99 stations can be accessed via the remote control handset.  There is a stereo headphone socket on the rear and connectivity options is limited to 802.11b/g wireless only.  There is no ethernet socket unlike the models offered by C.Crane (USA) and Dnt (Germany).


The remote control handset is typical of similar membrane keypad type remotes.   It feels cheap and cheerful and is prone to failure.  In use, it emits a very weak and narrow infra red beam.

As a result, the range of the remote is not very good and you do have to take some care to aim the remote directly at the radio.  In actual use, the remote control operation can occasionally be unpredictable too if you are unfamiliar with the radio and its remote. 

I highly recommend purchasing a replacement universal learning remote to operate the radio as these can emit a much more powerful IR signal.

The 7.5v @ 1.2A DC mains adapter only feels slightly warm in normal use.  It accepts 100-240V ac input.  The top of the radio also feels very slightly warm when in use.  I can also confirm there is no mains hum or any clicks from the speaker when the radio is in standby or during normal operation.


With regards to audio quality, it is reasonably good from such a small loudspeaker.  But definitely not HiFi.   Anyone who owns an IR100 will know how good the audio is (hum issues permitting) with good bass and treble.   The smaller loudspeaker in the Vistron is no match, lacking bass and thin on treble - it is fine for speech but weak for music.


Overall, the Vistron is a nice little Reciva radio.  There seems to be minor issues with the remote control operation, otherwise there is very little to criticise and with a modest price tag of under £50, it is still very good value compared to other sub-£100 models that are or were on the market. 


(Update 17 Dec 10):  Please note that a number of internet radios which resemble the Ebuyer/DnT/M&S MX-200i have started to appear.  One example is the Euroline IRR1070.  Although this radio is manufactured by King Champion, the radio module fitted to the Euroline appears is not made by Reciva and it also connects to a different web portal. 

One obvious visible difference is the 'Reply' button found on the front panel of the Reciva based MX-200 radios is replaced by an 'Alarm' button on the Euroline IRR1070.

(Added Nov 11): An eBay seller based in Ireland also appears to be selling the 'Xtreme Audio Internet Radio' for a number of years. There is a 'Reply' button on the front panel which does seem to suggest it may be a Reciva based radio. I would check with the seller before parting with any money.






Q.  The radio just about connects to my wireless 802.11 b/g router, but the range and signal strength is awful.

A.  Check/change your wifi channel number on your router.  Also try a different model wifi router.  If the problem persists, then it is most likely the USB wifi dongle fitted inside the radio is partially defective.  Click here for more information. 


Q. Is there an official firmware upgrade for the Ebuyer/Vistron MX-200i ?

A. No.  You can however upgrade the firmware by participating in the Beta programme.  The latest/last beta has been around since May 2010 and is regarded to be stable.


Q. The radio doesn't seem to respond to the very first key press on the remote if the remote has not been used in a while.  Is there a fix?

A. In almost all cases, this is caused by a poor quality IR sensor fitted inside the radio.  Where the remote control operation is poor even when using an alternative universal remote, fitting a new IR sensor always resolves the problem.


Q. When the radio is in Stand-by mode, the radio will not always wake up when I press the 'Power' button on the remote.  I have to press the button several times before the radio eventually wakes up.

A. It is a bug in the factory installed firmware v257-a-421-a-064.  Use the  'On/Off' button on the radio to switch it on.  Upgrading the firmware to a later version, such as the latest/last beta will resolve this bug.


Q. Is it possible to reduce the time it takes for the radio to connect to a station when switching on the radio at the mains power socket?

A. Try configuring a static IP address on the radio and consider using OpenDNS.  This reduces the start up time on my radios to as little as 40 seconds.  Instructions for how to set up a static IP address can be found here.


Q. Every now and then, I may experience this message: "Timeout connecting to Reciva Gateway. Check firewall port 5000."

A. I have frequently witnessed this message when using DHCP on radios using v257-a-421-a-064 firmware.  I found configuring a static IP address on the radio and perhaps using OpenDNS resolves the issue every time.  Instructions for how to set up a static IP address can be found here.  Otherwise, I have not personally witnessed this issue on radios running the latest/last beta.


Q.  I've lost or broken my original remote control.  Where can I get a replacement ?

A.  Consider buying a OneForAll universal remote.  Click here for more details.   Logitech also supports the Intempo GX-01 remote control codes with their range of Harmony programmable remote controllers.  The remote control codes for the GX-01 is believed to be the same as the MX-200i.

The IR sensor in the MX-200i could also be faulty if it fails to respond to remote control commands.


Q.  Some of the buttons on the front of the radio don't always seem to work first time when pressed.

A.  I've observed pressing the lower half of the round button may resolve the problem.


Q.  Newly amended settings such as station memory presets and wireless network settings, are lost when the radio is power cycled.

A. In most cases, performing a factory reset will usually resolve this issue.  Note that all existing settings will be lost.  If the problem persists, the file system/firmware may be corrupt.  It may be possible in some situations to resolve the corruption by upgrading to a later firmware and then performing a factory reset, otherwise the firmware needs to be reinstalled in its entirety by using the unbricking method if you do not have access to a different model of Reciva radio for transplanting the Barracuda radio module, so as to write different firmware to the module.


Q.  The LCD panel on my radio shows two rows of white blocks. 

A.  There is a problem with the 5 volt power rail on the main circuit board.


Q.  The functions of the 'Play/Stop/Pause' and the '|<< Previous' transport control buttons on the radio's case appear to be transposed when using the Media Player or listening to On Demand radio stations.  The remote is not affected.  Can it be fixed ?

A.   This issue appears if the original factory firmware has been upgraded to a much later release.  The issue still exists in the latest beta firmwares v257-a-865 series.  It can be resolved if you are prepared to install the Sharpfin base patch and edit the keypad_config985.txt file as described here.


Q.  When listening to BBC Listen Again programmes, the play back may stop before it reaches the end of the programme.

A.  The v257-a-865-a-476 latest/last beta firmware supports transports controls.  I've found the only solution is to fast forward the programme by a minute or two which should resume playback. (Added 2014: BBC Listen-Again no longer works with this firmware since BBC dropped support for WMA streams)





MX-200i manual

A dropbox link to a scanned copy of the original MX-200i manual is available here.



Remote Control issues

After comparing two Vistron MX-200i radios in March 2008, we have observed the following behaviour from the radios with factory installed firmware v257-a-421-a-064.

The factory supplied membrane remote controller emits a very weak and narrow infra red beam making it frustrating to operate the radio.  However, there are a couple of other issues which further compound the experience..


Lazy Response

If the radio is switched on and is already playing a radio station,  and the remote control has not been used for even a short period (as little as 15 seconds), we have observed the radio some times may not always respond to the first key press on the original or universal remote.    The first button press appears to awaken the radio's remote control subsystem.  The radio is then able to respond to all subsequent remote control command operations with just single press of each button as you would reasonably expect.  This initial behaviour adds to the frustration of trying to remote control the radio. 

Solution: This issue is caused by a faulty IR sensor fitted to the radio.  Fitting a replacement part no. TSOP1838 38kHz IR sensor or equivalent for 3.3v operation will resolve the problem.


Power button

If the radio has been left in standby for quite some time, I have observed I have had to press the red Power button on the slim remote as many as 6 times to wake up the radio on some occasions.  The radio will switch on if I use the Standby/Power button on the front panel.

I can use the red Power button on the remote to put the radio into standby, then if I press the Power button a few seconds later, the radio does come on so the remote clearly is working.



Tip: When making changes to above page, remember to force a Stations List update on your radio. Otherwise the changes do not take effect.

With the radio configured as above, so that it enters standby mode when powered up at the mains power socket, I have observed the red Power button on the remote will not always awaken the radio. It may awaken after at least 6 presses.  I now use the Power button on the radio's front panel in frustration.  

I have ruled out a faulty Power button on the Vistron remote as I am able to reproduce the above behaviour when using an universal learning remote, and friend has reported exactly the same behaviour on their MX-200i.  


If you always switch off the electrical power to your radio when you are not using it, and you have configured the radio to power on immediately when electricity is restored (by not ticking the check box for 'Go to standby after power cycle'), then the above mentioned issue will not really affect you.


Solution: This issue is fixed by installing latest version of firmware for the radio.




Universal Learning remotes

I've come to the conclusion the supplied membrane remote controller emits a very weak and narrow infra red beam making it a frustrating experience to operate the radio.  I am currently using a budget priced SRM-403E universal learning remote with far superior results.  A friend uses a more expensive Sony VL-600 universal learning remote with equally good results.

Click on image opposite for more information about the SRM-403E remote.



(New 18 Dec 09)

I recently bought a new OneForAll URC-7555 Stealth Remote to operate another MX-200i radio.

Click on image opposite for more information about the Stealth Remote.  This is a universal learning remote.

Most but not all OneForAll universal remotes can be used as a replacement/substitute for the original slim remote provided with the MX-200i.   See next section for more details


How to configure an OneForAll universal remote to operate the radio

Includes contributions from Jonathan, Sharpfin Google group


If you have lost or broken your original MX-200i remote, you may want to consider an OneForAll (OFA) universal remote as a suitable replacement.  Ensure the model you plan to buy supports TV device code 0435 and 'Key Magic' - 0435 is the device code for brands 'Elbe', 'Kennedy', 'Kneissel', 'Seleco', 'Singer' and 'Stern'.  Also make sure you purchase one with plenty of buttons on it so you can mimic all the functions of the original MX-200i remote.   

All the OFA remotes I have tested have been from the URC-7xxx series.    I've used an ancient URC-7541 and later URC-7740 which can usually be picked up off Ebay for few quid.  The URC-7720/URC-7730  2/3 device remotes should also be compatible.   The Digital-5 URC-7556 and the earlier URC-7555 are also both confirmed to be compatible by myself.  


It was discovered by Jonathan that TV device setup code 0435 on an OneForAll URC-7210 remote uses the same NEC1 protocol as the MX-200i remote.  Additional steps are needed to map all the buttons offered on a MX-200i remote to corresponding buttons on an OFA universal remote.

We believe most if not all OFA universal remotes support a little mentioned feature called 'Key Magic'.  It may not even be documented in the instruction manuals of less expensive models.  It is used to manually add 'missing functions' to an existing device setup code.


If you plan to use the TV device button, enter the following code sequence:

TV    MAGIC (hold down until it blinks twice)   0 4 3 5    (blinks twice if successful)
TV    MAGIC (hold down until it blinks twice)   0 4 3 5    (blinks twice if successful)
Otherwise, complete the following steps to allocate a different Device Button (AUX will be used throughout this example):
MAGIC (hold down until it blinks twice)    9 9 2    TV    AUX    (blinks twice if successful)
AUX    MAGIC (hold down until it blinks twice)    0 4 3 5    (blinks twice if successful)
Newer OFA remotes require a 5 digit EFC, so the 3 digit numbers you see in the table below need to be prefixed with 00.  eg.   036 becomes 00036.
To Assign EFC   036   to Volume button labelled  VOL+  on the remote for the AUX device, press:
AUX    MAGIC (hold down until it blinks twice)   9 9 4     MAGIC     0 0 0 3 6    VOL+    (blinks twice)
nb. If you observe the remote blinks twice after you have only typed as far as  
....0 0 0 3   instead of  the full      ....0 0 0 3 6 VOL+  
this may suggest you have a very early OFA model which only accepts 3 digit EFCs.   Try repeating as follows:
AUX    MAGIC (hold down until it blinks twice)   9 9 4      MAGIC     0 3 6    VOL+    (blinks twice if successful)


AUX    MAGIC (hold down until it blinks twice)   9 9 4     MAGIC     0 0 0 3 7    VOL-    (blinks twice)
AUX    MAGIC (hold down until it blinks twice)   9 9 4     MAGIC     0 0 0 5 8    Mute    (blinks twice)
and so on.


Protocol:  NEC1          Device:  0

MX-200i Function


OFA Button

































Up Arrow



Down Arrow

|<< Prev Track


Left Arrow

>>| Next Track


Right Arrow




Recall Preset






Store Preset












Select OK






>|| Play/Pause





Stop (Green)













|<< Prev Track


<< Rewind

>>| Next Track


>> Fast Forward



CH+ (Note 2)



CH- (Note 2)

Note 1: You can allocate an EFC to any OFA button of your choice.

Note 2: Suggestion if using TV device code 0435

URC-7541 4 device universal remote (circa 2001)

Warning:  if you are using a very old OFA model, all these Key Magic settings may be lost if the battery becomes seriously depleted as they are stored in battery backed up RAM.


I have also found the following Device codes to be compatible, but these are not necessarily available on all OneForAll remotes:

Video/DVD code 0723, SAT code 1169, VCR code 0774

It is also possible to create a new Device Setup Code and upload it to most OneForAll remotes if it is fitted with a JP1 interface connector, found in the battery compartment. This is beyond the scope of this article. More information about JP1 can be found here.


We believe the M&S MX200, C.Crane CC Wifi Radio, DnT IpDio Mini and most likely the Intempo GX-01 use the same remote as the MX-200i.  These models are all manufactured by King Champion.



OFA Device Setup code for MX-200i radios

(Updated 20 Jun 10):


Erwin from Universal Electronics (Manufacturer of the One For All remotes) has advised there is now a device setup code which is compatible.  It is Tuner code:        2686        which was created for the Marks & Spencer MX-200. 

eg.        AUX    MAGIC (hold down until it blinks twice)   2 6 8 6    (blinks twice if successful)


Tuner code:  2589   is also available for the DnT 'IPdio Mini Pro' - the 'Pro' remote has a slightly different buttons layout.


However, Erwin admits this is a fairly new code and so may not be available apart from perhaps the very newest One For All remotes currently on sale, unlike the generic TV device code 0435.


He wished to re-iterate that OneForAll remotes such as the Kameleon series (eg. URC-7781) have a built in acoustic modem so can be upgraded with this new code with a phone call to their call centre, or using a WAV file supplied by Customer Support.

For all other OneForAll remotes which are less than 1 year old, the device code upgrade can be installed by sending in your remote to them.  This service is free of charge.  (I have used this service a few years ago and I recall it took about a week for my remote to be returned to me with new code installed)




Connecting to Network


Using a static IP on the radio seems to cut the boot up time of the radio from 1m03s to 39sec on my BT 2700HGV wireless router.  ie. the time between powering on at the wall socket and the radio display changing to connecting to the previously played radio station.  Instructions for how to set up a static IP address can be found here.

(Added 9 Dec 09): While testing newly purchased pink MX-200i, I was often witnessing "Timeout connecting to Reciva Gateway. Check firewall, Port 5000" message after switching on the radio by applying mains power.  Configuring a static IP address and using OpenDNS resolved this issue.

Most network and wireless connectivity problems are common across all Reciva radio models.   The wireless connectivity can be particularly dependent on make & model of wireless router in use.  Upgrading the firmware on the radio often resolves many of the connectivity issues.


You may find this wi-fi network scanning utility useful to selecting the optimum channel number to use on your router, if you are surrounded by multiple interfering wifi networks.   This is an alternative to Netstumbler.   It runs on Windows XP or Vista and requires Netframework 2.0 or higher from Microsoft.  Click here for InSSIDer.


Imho, wireless routers should be left switched on 24/7 if you wish to avoid IP address conflict issues often resulting from rebooting a wireless router while devices are still left powered up.  Reciva radios have been particularly prone to this issue in the past, hence why I advocate using static IP addresses on the radios.


I thought I'd create a wireless router compatibility list here for the MX-200i with factory v257-a-421-a-064 firmware unless otherwise stated:

Router / firmware version

ISP / connection type

Tested Configuration

OK, Problem, Solution if any

3Com 3CRWDR100A-72 / v2.06


802.11g, WPA-PSK

Bizzare wireless range problem. Faulty radio. Replacement radio OK.

AzureWave AW-GR520 / ??

used as a WAP


Justin reports poor wireless range.  Resolved by changing wireless dongle. Suspect faulty wireless dongle. See here.

BeBox (speedtouch ST585v6 ?) / ??




Belkin F5D7632uk v1 / v1.00.9

Tiscali / BT

802.11b or g , WEP, WPA-PSK

Works with encryption turned off.  With WEP enabled, there may be Port 80 error on first power up from the mains. Immediately power cycle it a second time and it will successfully connect according to Martin !   Use static IP to avoid this issue.

Belkin F5D7632uk4a v7000uk / v7.00.20

NewNet / BT

802.11b, WPA/WPA2-PSK

FAILED. Wireless connectivity is okay. But there is 'Port 80 Connect Failed. Unable to load Stations List'. Unable to resolve using DMZ or static IP and using OpenDNS servers.  Router security logs report 'Flood to Host'.  My IR100 with v257-a-615 fw connects okay.  Identical symptoms to Dlink DI-624 below.  See also Note 1.

Belkin F5D7633-4 (uk) / ??

Force 9 PlusNet / LLU

MAC filtering only 


Jon reports using static IP on both his radios. Occasionally seems to connect to wireless twice when bought out of standby.  Scanning for shared files on Windows PC pretty much impossible - times out almost every time - won't be using this as a home media player!

BT Home Hub v2.0 (Type A) / v8.1.F.4

PlusNet / BT

802.11b/g, WPA-PSK

Works fine with static IP (Not yet checked using DHCP).  HomeHub configured to accept 802.11b/g/n connections.

BT 2Wire 1200 / v3.5.55

NewNet / BT

802.11b, WEP

Port 80 error cured using static IP with OpenDNS name servers.

BT 2Wire 2700HGV / v5.29.117.6

NewNet / BT

802.11b or g, WPA-PSK


BT 2Wire 2700HGV / BT v5.29.117.6 / SingTel v5.29.117.3/ BT v6.

PlusNet / BT

802.11b or g, WPA-PSK

OK with static IP.  I've noticed if using a dynamic IP, the Network error  message "Timeout connecting to Reciva Gateway. Check firewall, Port 5000" some times appears.  

BT 2Wire 2700HGV / Qwest QT04-

PlusNet / BT

802.11g, WPA-PSK

Using v257-a-865-a-476. OK except it takes 1 minute to establish connection to MP3 radio streams.  (Update Aug 11 - problem caused by a glitch with ISP firewall service)

Dlink DI-301

VM / cable

802.11b/g, WEP

OK with WEP.  Does not work with WPA

Dlink DI-514 rev A / v1.05.05

VM / cable

802.11b, WEP


Dlink DI-524 rev A / v1.23

VM / cable

802.11b/g, WPA-PSK

OK. Not a UK model

Dlink DI-624 rev D2G / v4.03b14

VM / cable


Two Problems, with WPA wireless security and port 80 error. See above Belkin F5D7632uk4a comments.

Netgear DG834G v1 / v3.01.31

Demon / BT

802.11b/g, WPA-PSK


Netgear DG834N / v1.03.36

BT Business / BT


Fred reports "The connection to network problem happens quite frequently for a station that streams at 128 kbps, it has to initialise the network and then goes to connecting the network and finally it jumps out to the station menu. There are no problems with stations that plays at 20 kbps". (Update: I've tested the same overseas MP3 radio station and cannot reproduce the problem via my 2700HGV router)

Richard advises to try using only numerals for your security key if you experience difficulties connecting using WPA-PSK.

Orange LiveBox



OK. Ensure you enter the 26 character WEP key without the spaces if you are using the default security settings. See here.

o2 wireless box II

(Thomson TG585 v7.4.20.3)

o2 / LLU


To be tested in near future.

Plexus WBR-T2 / ??

Tenda TWL548D / ??



Justin reports poor wireless range.  Resolved by changing wireless dongle. Suspect faulty wireless dongle. See here.  

Tenda W311R+ / v3.2.5

VM / cable


OK.  Use static IP address to eliminate Timeout message.

Zyxel 660HW-T1 / v3.40



Severe buffering of RealAudio streams

Another reader, Ben has written in to advise there is a fix for this problem.  The Zyxel blocks port 7070 as used by RealAudio by default. Click here for step by step instructions to open port 7070.

Zyxel 6600




If you are using WPA security, and cannot make your radio coonect to the wireless router, please remember that security keys are case sensitive, so I advise using only numerals to avoid these sorts of issues.


Note 1:  While testing a Belkin F5D7632uk4a ADSL router, I observed if I configured a static IP address on my MX-200i and connected it successfully to my 2700HGV router, then swapped out the router for the Belkin (configured identically)  without actually powering off the MX-200i at the mains socket, the MX-200i would continue to operate through the Belkin router.  It would also load the stations list when accessed too.  Clearly the problem lies with how the MX-200i initiates its internet connection when powered up from cold.  No problems were experienced with my IR100 (newest firmare) but I do recall the IR100 in its early days did have issues with some Belkin routers.  It suggests that later firmware (when and if it becomes available) for the Vistron is likely to resolve this compatibility issue.



Reciva Radios tend to use the following TCP/UDP ports.

        80, 554, 1755, 5000 and 7070

If the firewall within your router blocks some or all of these ports, it can result in various connectivity issues.

If your radio struggle to play RealAudio streams properly, check that port 7070 is not blocked.  Ben has kindly provided instructions on how to open port 7070 on his Zyxel P660HW-T1 wireless router.


If you are having to fiddle with port settings on your router to resolve various connectivity problems, you may be better off cutting your losses and buying a new wireless router imho.



Where is 'My Stuff' ?


Reciva appear to have updated and moved their main portal.  The old page seems to be less intuitive to use.

Go to this new URL where you can search the database for radio stations, register your radio, and manage 'My Stuff'.

The new portal only requires you to enter a registration number on its own to add a new radio. 


The 'My Stuff' menu option will eventually appear on the radio's menu after you have added at least one radio station to 'My Station' or 'My Streams' to your account.  You must also turn the radio off and on at the mains power socket to force it to obtain a Stations List update - this will also add & update any changes you have made to 'My Stuff'.


Tip: It wasn't particularly obvious (well, not to me).  If you use the search facility on the website and need to return to the page at any time, simply click on the big 'Reciva Internet Radio' logo at the top of the page you are viewing.  There is no link for 'back to main page'.



Quick Guide to storing Radio Station presets

You can store up to 99 radio channels which can be quickly accessed via the remote control handset.  This is briefly described on page 6 of the manual.


Storing Presets

          Press   then enter the preset number you wish to assign the station using the buttons.


          Press and hold down for a few seconds, the preset number you wish to assign the station using the buttons.


Press   followed by then enter the double digit preset number you wish to assign the station using buttons.


Recalling Presets

                Enter the preset number using the keys.

                (You can also use the '0' button retrieve preset station number 10)

                Press followed by then enter the double digit preset number using the keys.


Note 1:  Preset station numbers 1 to 3 on the front panel of the radio correspond to presets 1 to 3 on the remote control handset.

Note 2:  Pressing 0 on the remote appears to correspond to preset number 10 too.



Internal Photos

Click here to view internal photos of the MX-200i.



Reliability and Spares


This is my personal view.

The MX-200i seems to be reasonably well constructed.  Certainly better than a Logik IR100.  


Ebuyer started selling these little radios under the 'Vistron' brand from March 2008.  Last remaining examples were sold in December 2009.


It is fitted with the later revised blue coloured Reciva Barracuda internet radio module.  This is much improved in reliability over the earlier green coloured ones found in earlier Reciva radios like the Logik IR100 and BT internet radio.


Remote controller

As it is supplied with a remote controller, I would suspect the buttons and the Dial/Select knob on the front panel of the radio may not receive much use.

The long term durability of the slim remote controller remains to be seen, and I suspect this may be the weakest part of the whole package. 


If you have lost or broken your original MX-200i remote, you may want to consider an OneForAll (OFA) universal remote as a suitable replacement.  Ensure the model you plan to buy supports TV device code 0435 and 'Key Magic' - 0435 is the device code for brands 'Elbe', 'Kennedy', 'Kneissel', 'Seleco', 'Singer' and 'Stern'.  Also make sure you purchase one with plenty of buttons on it so you can mimic all the functions of the original MX-200i remote.   

All the OFA remotes I have tested have been from the URC-7xxx series.    I've used an ancient URC-7541 and later URC-7740 which can usually be picked up off Ebay for few quid.  The URC-7720/URC-7730  2/3 device remotes should also be compatible.   The Digital-5 URC-7556 appears to be stocked by Argos (924/9659) and the earlier URC-7555 are also both confirmed to be compatible by myself.  

Details of how to program the OneForAll remote to operate the MX-200i radio is described elsewhere on this web page.


Mains Power adapter

The mains adapter is of typical switched mode design and accepts 100-240V ac input.  It is also likely to be a failure point, however, it should be relatively easy to source a substitute replacement 7.5v @ 1.2A DC mains adapter.  The barrel plug on the end is 9mm long, standard 5.5mm outer diameter and 2.1mm internal diameter with centre positive polarity.


Warning: Do NOT be tempted to use a higher voltage adapter.  If you use an 'unregulated' power adapter or one rated at 9v, it will work for a short while but the radio's internal 5v voltage regulator will overheat and eventually fail.

A list of alternative mains power adapters which I believe are compatible:

Retailer or Manufacturer

Model no. & Price


L49BR, £17.99

Multi-voltage switched mode @ 1.25 Amps. Popular replacement for AE radios

VN10L, £16.99

Multi-voltage linear regulated @ 1.2 Amps



Multi-voltage switched mode @ 1.2 Amps.

Multi-voltage switched mode @ 2.5 Amps.



Multi-voltage switched mode @ 1.0 Amps.(Note 1)

Multi-voltage switched mode @ 1.5 Amps.

Note 1: It is unlikely the Vistron draws anything like 1.2Amps, so a lower rated 1.0 Amp is more than  sufficient to power the MX-200i radio.   (I've used a 7.5v @1.1A adapter from a BT Internet radio without issues with my MX-200i)


Wifi reception problems

(Update: Jun 08) Two reports so far from Vistron owners who report very poor wireless range.  The factory fitted wireless usb dongle may be defective in both cases.


Bricked radio

A friend bought two MX-200i radios over a year ago.  Both are now out of warranty.  One radio has recently developed fault.  When he switches on the radio, he reports it gets as far as 'Initialising Network' then after a minute, it eventually reboots.   Cannot access menus and radio cannot be factory reset by holding the Select knob down during start up.  I transposed the Barracuda board from the MX-200i to my working Logik IR100, and it caused the IR100 to behave in the same manner as the faulty MX-200i.   (Update Feb 10): Radio has now been unbricked using Sharpflash.


Faulty IR sensor

(Updated 10 Apr 10):  A number of MX-200i radios I have seen appear to have partially defective IR sensors.  Symptoms vary from not responding to first button press on the remote, to diabolically poor response even when a remote is used very close to the radio.  Replacing the IR sensor will resolve this and other reception problems. 

List of UK suppliers of IR receiver modules. Note the sensor operates at 3.3v in the MX-200i.


Part no., Retailer stock no. & cost


TSOP34838, SC09302, £2 + p&p

Not yet verified. Vishay Datasheet

HRM138BB5100, 55-0902, £0.60 + p&p

Yes. TruOpto Datasheet

No suitable products.



Display Faults

(Added Nov 11):

In addition to the white blocks on display issue described elsewhere, a new thread has appeared on the Reciva Refuge forum covering other more serious display faults.


Improving wireless reception

Justin wrote to me to advise his Vistron was suffering from poor reception with his Plexus and AzureWave wireless routers.  The Vistron worked fine above the room where the wireless access point was situated, but the radio was no good elsewhere in the house.

He resolved the problem by replacing the factory fitted wireless dongle with a BlueNext BN-WD54G wireless dongle.  (Editor's note: it's conceivable the factory fitted dongle may be faulty.)

Justin was kind enough to send me some photographs:


        New BlueNext wireless dongle

        Same RT2571WF chips on both dongles.

        BlueNext dongle fitted to MX-200i main circuit board.



A list of compatible wireless 802.11b/g USB adapters can also be found at the new Sharpfin website here.





Sticky Select Knob

If you observed when pressing the Dial/Select knob, the knob seems to stay depressed and does not always spring back out, this is probably because the ribs around the outer circumference of the knob have wedged themselves into the case when you press the knob.

To resolve the problem, pull the knob off the unit and insert a very small scrap of crumpled up paper into the centre of the rear of the plastic knob.  Then carefully push the knob back onto the radio. 



LCD shows white blocks

(New 11 Apr 10)


A reader and myself have come across this problem recently on two radios where it displays two rows of white blocks.   The text on the display can still be read if you peer at it from the far side of the display.   The radio continued to operate as normal and connect to the internet.



These symptoms may appear when the radio is immediately powered on, or after extended listening (eg. 30mins to 1 hour).  You may also observe text/backlight flicker prior to the white blocks appearing.


In both cases, the symptoms can be traced to a faulty 5v voltage regulator on the main PCB.   Part no.  LM2940CT-5

List of UK suppliers:


Part no., Retailer stock no. & cost

LM2940CT-5, 82-0678

LM2940CT, AV22Y


(Added Nov 11): A new thread has appeared on the Reciva Refuge forum covering other display faults.


Firmware Versions

v257-a-865-a-476        Latest/last beta adds transport controls to BBC On Demand WMA streams (30 Apr 10)
v257-a-421-a-064        Factory shipped firmware. (Mar 08 approx)  


There has not been any official firmware updates for the Ebuyer/Vistron MX-200i.


The Marks & Spencer MX200 variant ships with later v257-a-615-a-083-a021 firmware.



Beta Programme now open


Reciva has opened up their Beta programme for any Reciva radio owner to install the latest and last firmware release for radios fitted with Reciva's Barracuda module.


Log into the portal

Now click here to sign up to beta programme.

Once you have signed up, log into and navigate to 'My Radios', then choose the radio and check the tick box to allow the beta firmware to be installed.  Now switch on your radio and choose the 'Check for Upgrades' menu option.


Note that if you choose to upgrade your Ebuyer/Vistron MX-200i radio to the most current beta (v257-a-865-a-476 as of 27 May 10), you will not be able to return to v257-a-421-a-064 if you subsequently decide to remove your radio from the beta programme.  Installing the latest beta appears to retain all network settings, but all memory presets are deleted, so you will need to manually set them up again.

Generally, the v257-a-865-a-476 firmware performs very well on the MX-200i and other radios.



Sharpfin firmware upgrade

WARNING:  Modifying your Reciva radio is done so at your own risk.  You may invalidate the warranty and at worst, damage (Brick) your radio beyond a simple repair.  The Sharpfin method is generally used to change the firmware on a radio to a later version.  Unlike other Reciva radios, you will NOT be able to revert back to the original v257-a-421-a-064 factory release after upgrading your Ebuyer/Vistron MX-200i by relying on any Reciva official firmware upgrade procedure.

Based on my limited observations with my radios, if you choose to upgrade to v257-a-865-a-4xx, the Sharpfin base patch 'Change Firmware' function will no longer work.  ie. Sharpfin base patch is not fully compatible with v257-a-865-a-4xx

Reciva Refuge reports that the Sharpfin project website has been resurrected thanks to the work of Pippo

Click here to open Sharpfin firmware upgrade page


Firmwares I have tested on an Ebuyer/Vistron MX-200i

v257-a-765-a-030        as originally tested by Reciva forum member Castalla.   It works well on my radios too.
v257-a-865-a-476        current beta adds transport controls to BBC On Demand WMA streams (30 Apr 10)


More information about Sharpfin can be found here too, along with the Enhancement Pack.



Enabling missing features


Every Reciva radio model has a unique Hardware ID.   The feature set available to a radio model is defined in the configXXX.txt file stored on the radio.  XXX corresponds to the Hardware ID of the radio.  You can add features such as 'Station Search' or 'My History' to the menus by amending the configXXX.txt file. 


Warning:  Editing the config.txt file on your Reciva radio is high risk.  If you make any mistake, you may brick the radio. To recover from the error will involve moving the Barracuda module to a different make and model of Reciva radio (it must not be another MX-200i), to be able to log into the radio and undo the changes.

Click here to open new page




Unbricking the radio using JTAG

(Added 23 Feb 09)


A new thread on the above subject has started in the Sharpfin google group thanks to the work by 'Menlopete'.  Click here.

Please note that using JTAG to unbrick your radio is not likely to be straightforward.  There are numerous variables involved which may likely lead to dismal failure and it is very time consuming.  The whole process can take up to 24 hours to complete.

Click here for more info



SteveGB located in Surrey can reflash Reciva modules for IR100 and probably other radios.  He can be contacted through this email address:
        (replace  the 'oXo' with an '@' symbol)

I believe he was quoting £20 including UK return postage if the module is successfully reflashed.

Please note this is not a personal endorsement of his services, and any negotiation and/or contract of services is between yourself and Steve.



Power Consumption

The supplied mains power adapter is rated at 7.5 volts DC at 1.2 Amps.  It barely gets warm under normal operation.  The label on the rear of the radio quotes it is rated at 7watts.


These are approximate AC power consumption measurements drawn by the mains adapter:

                Standby                                            5 watts

                On with moderate volume                  6 watts

These are DC current consumption measurements drawn by the radio at 7.5 volts DC.

                Standby                                            440mA

                On with moderate volume                  550mA    but higher peaks have been noted.

It is unlikely the MX-200i will draw the full 1.2 Amps.


Warning: Do NOT be tempted to use a higher voltage adapter.  If you use an 'unregulated' power adapter or one rated at 9v or 12v.  It will work for a short while but you will be over stressing the 5v voltage regulator.  The excessive heat generated is eventually likely to blow the regulator.



Other information

Manufacturer's website can be found here.  The same company also manufactures the Intempo GX-01.

Vistron website can be found here.


C.Crane in the USA offer a variant of the MX-200i. The manual can be found here.  The Vistron MX-200i does not feature ethernet and LineOut sockets on the rear of the unit unlike its C.Crane and Dnt branded variants.

Some comments on the Reciva forums (click here for the thread here).  



Reciva-Users wiki

My Logik IR100 Resource page

My Roberts Stream 83i Resrouce page




Ask a Question

Please post your queries in the Reciva Refuge users forum.  Please do not email me directly with your questions.