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Vistron MX-200i Internal Photos

Last edited: 25th April 2008 

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Rear side of front panel:   The flat ribbon cable connecting the two circuit boards fitted inside this unit had to be detached to take this photo. Observe the loudspeaker is rated at 5 watts.

Warning:  the loudspeaker wires are thin and fragile and can break off where they are soldered to the loudspeaker terminals if the radio has been opened up.

Poorly performing IR sensors appears to be a common problem I've seen on a number of these radios.


The main circuit board carrying the Barracuda board and usb wireless dongle shown here.

The piece of white foam you can see on the lower circuit board obscures the rectangular cutout in the rear of the case, where the RJ-45 ethernet socket would normally be fitted.



Close up of the main circuit board which is held in place by two cross-head screws.   The end of the loudspeaker cable is usually glued to the socket as you can see in the picture below.

If you do attempt to remove the main circuit board, note it is held down with spots of hot glue on some models.  Also be aware the usb wireless dongle is a tight fit and you need to ensure it isn't distorted from its socket while trying to pull the entire circuit board out of the case.

There seems to be an unused socket position labelled J8 to the left of the Barracuda board.


Closer shot of the usb wireless dongle.  Spots of hot glue used to hold the dongle into the socket.

The dongle is positioned at the rear of the case in almost open air, away from the noisier components such as the front display panel.  Wifi sensitivity should and I believe is slightly better than an unmodified IR100.  If the readings are to be believed, the Vistron often reports 0-10% higher readings higher than an unmoodified IR100.  The dongle utilises the RaLink RT2571 chipset (same as IR100).


According to this thread, the Marks & Spencer MX200 (hardware id: 746) variant appears to use a different usb wifi dongle.  Realtek RTL8150


The rear of the case is rather bear with just a headphone and power socket.  The large black label actually covers the hole where the ethernet socket would normally be located.



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