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One For All URC-7555 Stealth Universal Learning Remote


This is a 5 device Universal remote controller with limited Learning functions. 

I think the specifications for this remote permits for 20 to 40 keys to be reprogrammed using the Learning mode.  This number was more than adequate to learn all the functions of the original MX-200i remote and half a dozen other missing functions required to control my TV, Freeview box and DVD player.

The URC-7555 is no longer made by One For All.  I believe it has been superseded by the URC-7556.  I have no idea what the difference is between the two models.  I bought mine on




I had no difficulties using the new remote to learn the functions of the original MX-200i remote.  The only point to remember is when pressing the buttons on the original MX-200i, make sure you only depress them momentarily.

When learning the Volume control buttons, hold the button down continuously on the MX-200i remote.


In use, the remote felt somewhat bulkier to handle than previous OneForAll universal remotes I possess.


I will try and determine later whether or not there is a built in device setup code which mimics the MX-200i.



A User Manual is available on the OneForAll website for the later URC-7556 model.  It looks pretty much similar to the printed manual which came with my URC-7555 remote.


See also SRM-403E remote.


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