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Editing Config.txt file

Created 5 May 2010


Warning:  Editing the config.txt file on your Reciva radio is high risk.  If you make any mistake, you may brick the radio. To recover from the error will involve moving the Barracuda module to a different make and model of Reciva radio (it must not be another MX-200i), to be able to log into the radio and undo the changes.


The Ebuyer/Vistron MX-200i has Hardware ID:  825.  However, the config.txt file which requires to be edited is called config947.txt

You will need to install the Sharpfin base patch onto the radio.   Once installed,  you will be able to telnet into the radio to make changes.


Original instructions on how to edit the config.txt can be found on the Sharpfin website.   I have reproduced it here with amendments when using Windows XP:

(Tip:  the vi command  ":q!"  appears to forcibly quits vi)




These are some of the settings which I have tested on a Vistron MX-200i running firmware v257-a-865-a-476. They should also work on v257-a-756-a-030 but I have not verified all these settings.


If you find the audio from the loudspeaker sounds a wee bit muffled, you can boost the treble by adding this entry to disable DAC hardware deemphasis.  It may make the radio sound too bright and tinny on some radio stations.  This has been tested with v257-a-765-a-030 and v257-a-865-a-476 firmwares. 

# give us back some treble - marvellous



This will add Station Search menu function  (Not required for v257-a-756-a-030 as Search function is already present)

# add search to Stations menu



These entries will add a 'My History' menu option to 'My Stuff'.  Tested with v257-a-865-a-476 firmware.

# add My History to My Stuff menu