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Logik IR100 with externally mounted USB wireless dongle

Warning: Any modifications you make to your Logik IR100 are at your own risk. 

Full credits go to Reciva community forum member, DavidlawUK, for these excellent photographs and comments below.

He was experiencing wireless reception problems from his Linksys WAG354G v2 router (with standard internal aerial), so decided to try the well publicised modification of moving the wireless dongle.


Note: The rear grey plastic panel is recessed into the case and is a very tight fit.  Take extreme care when trying to remove the rear panel. There is a good chance you may also end up lifting the black plastic strip of plastic which is stuck onto the rear edge of the case as you try to prise the rear panel clear of the case.

My main objective is to improve wireless sensitivity, my second objective was to move the wireless dongle in such a way that I could return the radio to its original condition with no signs that it had been ‘improved’.

In essence, if I need to return it to Curry’s, I could undo my mod and leave no sign of it on the radio.


This shows the inside of the set with a USB extender cable fitted.  To remove of the dongle simply undo the small Philips screw with the red fibre washer, remove and jiggle the dongle from its USB socket.


This shows the dongle attached to a 'screened' USB extender cable. (Mine is a little long, 20 to 30 cm is long enough.)  The USB cable just fits under the mains cable where the latter exits the case. Press the cable down and the back will fit into the radio nicely with no drilling or altering the case.



This shows the USB extender coming out of the back of the set.


This shows the USB extender socket with a sticky-fixer holding it against the rear of the set. 


All removable in case a return is needed.

For my use, having the dongle exposed is not a problem since the set won’t be moved once in place and I have no children to interfere with it.  The dongle has a flashing green LED which would be a nuisance if the radio was used in a bedroom but it will be simple enough to construct a plastic cover to encase the dongle which I will do later.

The result is dramatic!  Very worthwhile doing.



(Black cardboard cover fixed using double-sided sticky tape)

Warning: Any modifications you make to your Logik IR100 are at your own risk.  


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