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Logik IR100 Internal photos

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I have opened up my IR100 to take these photos.   The photos show the radio in unmodified form. 


The rear grey plastic panel is recessed into the case and is a very tight fit.  Take extreme care when trying to remove the rear panel. There is a good chance you may also end up lifting the black plastic strip which is stuck onto the rear edge of the case as you try to prise the rear panel clear of the case.


The pair of white and yellow wires coming from the mains transformer are the output windings.  This radio can only operate on 230V ac mains.  Converting it to operate on 110V ac would be extremely difficult as it is unlikely a 110V transformer of similar physical dimensions and same pair of output voltages could be sourced.

The open circuit voltages from the secondary windings are:


The USB wireless dongle is at the top of the photo and the Reciva Barracuda board is beneath it.


This photo shows the USB wireless dongle.   As you can see from the photos, the dongle is in effect sandwiched between the main display board to the front, and the ends of the two circuit boards to the rear.  It comes as no surprise the wireless sensitivity is pretty awful.



This is the voltage regulator board.  The wires from the loudspeaker are also attached to this board, so it may also serve as the audio power amplifer.


I'm not sure what this board does.  The 8 pin IC has part number NE5532P (Dual Low Noise high speed Audio OpAmp), and the larger IC has part number TL084CN (General purpose Quad JFET OpAmp).  


Note the label showing the long string of numbers is NOT the radio's serial number.  To obtain the correct serial number for use on Reciva's website so that you can enable 'My Stuff', look in the menu. You should find it under 'Configure -> Version'.

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