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Using an oven to revive a Barracuda module

Created: 22 Apr 10.   Last updated: 17 Sep 11






I had some radios which would not power up.  The fault lay with the Barracuda modules.   The green diagnostic LED on each Barracuda module was also emitting a continuous green light.  It should be 'blinking' if the module is working correctly.  I also tried using Sharpfin's sharpflash utility to reload the firmware on one module but this failed to resolve the issue.

SteveGB advised it was almost certainly caused by one or more dry solder joints on the Barracuda module, and it would require microscopic examination and skill in repairing it.   This would be time consuming and I did not have the appropriate equipment.



Remaining contents of this article has been deleted.





Reviving your faulty Barracuda module by using heat is only a short term solution and I can no longer recommend it.  It has been observed the module may continue to experience intermittent problems and it will almost certainly subsequently fail within a few weeks.  Any further attempts to revive the board using more heat will just end up destroying the module.

Update 17 Sep 11: Reciva Refuge forum user LesCornwall has taken this one step further by using Liquid flux and a heat gun.

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It has also been observed that a batch of modules fitted to BT radios suffers from poor flow soldering between the underside of the ARM chip and the main 'green coloured' circuit board.  There is no easy way of repairing the soldering under the ARM chip.  

Reciva forum member 'stevegb' offers a repair service for Reciva radios, but the success rate for repairing Barracuda modules which suffer from poor soldering is very low.   If you are serious about repairing your radio, you should consider sourcing a working module from another 'newer' radio.

Later Barracuda based radios (They usually have remote control option) use the newer 'blue coloured' lead-free circuit boards. These have been observed to be far more reliable.