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Created 6th February 2007.  Last edited: 3 Sep 2012


Please note that DSG group have now discontinued the sale of the Logik IR100 in the United Kingdom from December 2008.  As a result, I do not envisage adding any further new content to this web page.

(Added 3 Sep 2012): If you are looking for a new Reciva internet radio which offers transport controls for BBC Listen-Again content, the electrical superstore chain, Comet, currently offer the budget MagicBox Cleaver for less than £50. Forum link. Youtube links 1, 2, 3.




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General Information



The Logik IR100 is sold in the UK by the DSG group of companies which includes Dixons, Currys and PCWorld.  It was first announced in summer 2006 and became widely available during the months leading up to Christmas. 

Reciva's web portal.


This web page simply tries to pull together all the various bits of useful information I have obtained from Reciva's community forums and other sources for the benefit of new IR100 owners.  Full credit should be given to those original contributors.  This page also includes additional content from myself and other Reciva community forum members.

The Logik IR100  is a self contained unit designed to operate only off 230V ac mains power, there is no separate power brick unlike most other Reciva radios.  The unit measures 25cm wide, 14cm high, 13cm depth or 14.5cm depth including the protruding control knobs.

The Logik connects to your wireless network for internet access. The front, top and sides are finished in black gloss which should make it easy to clean.  The audio volume from the mono speaker can be turned up to produce a loud and punchy sound.  The  headphone jack on the rear also offers stereo output.  The buttons on the front have a positive click action but thankfully the Logik also has rubber feet on its base so should keep the unit from sliding about to a minimum. There is a separate volume control knob.  The backlit negative blue STN LCD display is easy to read except in strong sun light, and it can be turned off completely when the unit is in standby if desired.

I placed the centre punch-outs from self adhesive Reinforcement rings (which you normally use with Lever arch ring binders) over certain buttons to make them easier to find.

I purchased my IR100 for £79.95 (special offer. RRP £99.99) at the beginning of December 2006 from my local PCWorld store.  We wanted it specifically to listen to certain overseas broadcasts without having to use a PC.  At this reasonable price, we weren't too concerned about the model's known flaws as it would be used in the kitchen. 

(Update Nov'08):  Now rapidly approaching two years since the purchase of the IR100 radio.  Generally the radio has performed well.  Early buffering problems were quickly resolved by changing the make and model of wireless router.  Reliability has been disappointing, the shaft encoder started to fail in early 2008.  I bought and fitted a refurbished shaft encoder board last summer, this also fixed the known clicking noise when the Scroll knob is rotated rapidly.   It has also come to my attention the display is not as bright as it used to be - perhaps leaving the radio on standby for 24/7 when it is not being used has contributed to this fault.  I'm led to believe the backlight is failing on the display panel - the radio's display is just about still readable, so there is no urgency to repair the fault.  I now switch off the radio at the mains power socket when it is not in use.  The other day, I switched on the radio only to observe it appeared to have lost some of its wireless and static IP address settings, so it failed to connect to my wireless network on first attempt - this has never happened previously, and it may perhaps be a sign of further problems to come ?

My other internet radio is a Vistron MX-200i, purchased in spring 2008.


(Update May '11):  I have retired my IR100.  Salvaged parts has been used to repair another Reciva radio.  We now use a Roberts Stream 83i.



Known Hardware Design flaws

There are three key design flaws which afflict the IR100 after reading the various community forum messages posted in Reciva's community forums.


The documented fix for the mains hum problem coming from the loudspeaker involves either moving the mains transformer located within the unit from behind the loudspeaker, to the new position behind the display panel.  This should eliminate the mains hum emanating from the loudspeaker, but won't totally remove the feint noise from the mechanical vibration that might be heard from the mains transformer.


Alternatively, removing the back panel and turning it through 180 degrees and refitting it upside down, but this also requires making a minor modification to the case to allow the back panel to be refitted.  


The mains hum wasn't really an issue for us as the Logik is used in the kitchen and it is hardly noticeable (to us) when listening to music and news broadcasts, but I can appreciate the mains hum would be annoying if it was used as a bedside radio.  The mains hum doesn't appear to be audible through the stereo headphone socket.


Our Logik is one of the early models, the Scroll knob does suffer from a feint clicking noise heard through the loudspeaker when twirled, but again, it's no big deal as we use the buttons to select the 5 preset channels most of the time.  In hindsight, we should have taken the radio back immediately to the shop for it to be exchanged, as it did subsequently fail after a year and a half.

Update: July 08:  The clicking noise may possibly a sign the rotary shaft encoder is failing.

Update Sept 08:  The display panel is very dim.  It's been suggested the backlight LED is failing. TBC.



Supported CODECS

Tuned into one of the stations I had stored in 'My Stations' and noticed it hadn't been working all week, so I decided to investigate.

It turned out the URL appeared to have changed, but I still couldn't get the station to work via 'My Streams' although it worked fine in Windows Media Player.  Then I noticed the properties of the stream reported it was using WMA9 audio.

I eventually did find a list of supported CODECS on the Reciva website. These are known to be supported on IR100 with v255-c-158 firmware:

WMA 2, 7, 8
RealAudio 4, 5, 8


It has been reported firmware version v 257-a-421-a-057 firmware adds:


Aaron from Australia contacted me recently regarding AAC+ support.  He wanted to know whether Reciva radios truely support AAC+ because the sound quality from a number of AAC+ stations was very poor and he believed Reciva radios may perhaps only be decoding the AAC portion of the AAC+ stream.

I tested two Australian AAC+ radio streams on my IR100 (v257-a-615-a-087) and was disappointed by the sound quality from the 42 and 80kbps streams.


Where is My Stuff?


(Rewritten 8 Oct 09)

Reciva appear to have updated and moved their main portal.  The old page seems to be less useful.

Go to this new URL where you can search the database for radio stations, register your radio, and manage 'My Stuff'.

The new portal only requires you to enter a registration number on its own to add a new radio. 


The 'My Stuff' menu option will eventually appear on the radio's menu after you have added at least one radio station to 'My Station' or 'My Streams' to your account.  You must also turn the radio off and on at the mains power socket to force it to obtain a Stations List update - this will also add & update any changes you have made to 'My Stuff'.


Tip: It wasn't particularly obvious (well, not to me).  If you use the search facility on the website and need to return to the page at any time, simply click on the big 'Reciva Internet Radio' logo at the top of the page you are viewing.  There is no link for 'back to main page'.



My Radio options

I don't think the digital clock is particularly accurate.  After about two months and I noticed the clock was running about 6 minutes fast.  Fortunately, it is quite straight forward to reset the time by simply power cycling the radio at the mains socket.

The IR100 appears synchronises its clock to Reciva's NTP time servers.

As of March 08, Reciva have added some new configurable options:



The option 'Go to standby after power cycle' is useful if your area suffers from occasional power cuts, and your IR100 powers on when you may not wish it to do so when electricity is restored.  I observed the changes didn't seem to take effect immediately.  I power cycled my IR100 a couple of times the following day and it did eventually go into standby mode when switched on at the mains socket.  I now  understand the changes are downloaded when the radio updates its Stations List.

The option 'Automatic switch to daylight savings time' is pretty obvious.

The following descriptions were obtained from Sharpfin website.

'Display metadata for all stations that broadcast it' - Depending on the station/stream etc, you get track and artist information as a scrolling line - directly after the "REAL ENABLED" it will read something like "REAL ENABLED - xxxx artist - xxx track" This is totally dependent on the stream/podcast station and what they decide to transmit.

The last option should read 'Dynamic Mute during buffering' - It partially resolves the problem where the IR100 automatically blanks the first few seconds when playing MP3 tracks from say a upnp server.   It may however also introduce other side effects.  A full description can be found on this Sharpfin web page.  Search for 'dynamic-mute'.


IR100 Internal photos

Follow this link to some internal photographs I have taken of my unmodified IR100.



Electrical Power Consumption

How green is you IR100 you may be wondering?

The top of the case gets awfully hot when in standby mode.


At 240V ac, my IR100 appears to draw the following power from my measurements:

I have observed the wireless is still active (I can ping the radio's IP address) when the IR100 is in standby mode.



Difference between Standby and OFF

It might seem silly I should add a section on this subject.  But believe me, when you use the On/Off button on the front of the IR100 to put the radio in standby mode, there are a couple of things you need to be aware of.

If you press the On/Off button and place the radio in standby mode, provided the radio is working normally, the IR100 continues to maintain a wireless connection to your wireless router. 

If you reboot your wireless router, you may encounter the 'Low Signal' message when you subsequently switch on your IR100.  Under these circumstances, turn the IR100 off and back on at the mains socket. This should resolve the problem.

Similarly if  you are trying to set up your IR100 for the very first time and are experiencing problems with the wireless setup, make sure you turn the radio off and on at the mains socket.  Pressing the On/Off switch does not turn off the wireless.


Logik IR100 manual

If you lose your IR100 manual, you may be able to find a scanned copy of it via one of the three links below.

A New and more convenient PDF version created from my original scanned JPEG files, courtesy of fellow Reciva forum member 'Johnjunior'.

Click here:  1  


Firmware Service Pack versions

You can check which firmware service pack is operating on your IR100 radio by going to the 'Configure' menu, and choosing 'Version'.


Official Service Pack                        Comments
257-a-865-a-476 (May 10)             Latest 'beta' and last version of firmware for Barracuda based radios.
257-a-615-a-087 (19 Apr 08)         Last official release.
257-a-421-a-057 (30 Jan 08)          See below for new features and new issues.
255-c-158 (20 Oct 06)                    Adds 'My Streams' functionality.  Also seems to fix some WEP security problems.
255-c-084                                        First release.


When you choose to upgrade the firmware, please be aware the upgrade process can sometimes result in a full factory reset of your radio, so all your station presets and wireless and network settings will be lost if there is a major change in the version number.  Please make sure you have them handy as you will need to enter them later.


Beta software programme



(May 2010): Latest beta version is now accessible by signing up to the Beta programme

Make sure you log into the Reciva portal before you attempt to access the beta programme sign-up page.


The latest and last firmware for Barracuda modules, v257-a-865-a-476, adds WMA On-Demand playback controls for BBC Listen Again programmes.  

Once you have signed up to the Beta programme, you need to log into and go into 'My Radios' and check the tick box for the radios you wish to download the last/latest firmware.  Now switch on the radio and choose the 'Check for Upgrades' menu option.



Connectivity and Wireless issues


Wireless Security and 'Wireless Error 13'


Many of the wireless connectivity issues experienced with v255 series of firmwares have mostly been resolved by the latest and last version of firmware which was officially available for the IR100.   Version v257-a-615-a-087.   You should also consider installing the latest beta v257-a-865-476.  If your radio suffers from extremely bad range (a few metres), then consider the possibility the usb wireless dongle fitted inside the radio may be faulty.


Imho, wireless routers should be left switched on 24/7 if you wish to avoid IP address conflict issues often resulting from rebooting a wireless router while devices are still powered up.  Reciva radios have been particularly prone to this issue in the past, hence why I advocate using static IP addresses on the radios if you do frequently restart your router.


IR100s with very early firmware (up to v255-c-158) are prone to exhibiting a number of issues when trying to set up the radio to certain wifi routers for the first time.  Error messages include: 'Wireless error 13'.

Later firmwares (after v255-c-158) may display 'Network Error: Timeout getting IP address' or 'Port 80 Connect Failed. Unable to load Stations List' messages.


If you encounter connectivity problems, check the firmware service pack on your IR100 by going to the 'Configure' menu, and choosing 'Version'.  If it is not version v257-a-615-a-087 or higher, you should upgrade the firmware. Upgrading the firmware will most likely resolve the problem.



Reminder: Only 11mbps 802.11b and 54mbps 802.11g wireless networks are supported by the IR100.  There is no support for pure 802.11n networks.  Most wireless N routers allow the owner to configure a 802.11b/g/n mode in which should be compatible with the IR100. (eg. BT Home Hub v2)

If your radio has v255* firmware, to upgrade the firmware: 

  • If your wireless router uses access lists or MAC address filtering, temporarily disable it.

  • Temporarily switch off wireless security (WEP, WPA) on your wireless router.

  • Now use the 'Scan for Networks' menu option on your IR100 to locate and connect successfully to your wireless router. Check it is working by tuning into a few radio stations and make sure there are no interruptions to the audio. Move the radio close to the router if necessary if you suspect weak wifi signal strength.

    • If the radio refuses to connect, and you cannot change your model of wireless router, take the radio to another property with broadband and a different model of wireless router, and see if you have better luck.   You may also want try the instructions described later for setting up a static IP address on your radio.

  • Now upgrade the firmware service pack on the IR100 by going to the 'Configure' menu and selecting 'Upgrade Firmware'.  The upgrade process should take between 3 to 5 minutes typically.  You should see a download progress counter, starting at 0% and working its way up to 100%.  After which the radio will automatically restart.

  • Check the radio is working okay.

  • Finally, re-enable wireless security on the router.  Now set up the new security key on the IR100 to connect to your secured wireless network.

Don't forget to visit the portal and register your radio.

If you require technical assistance, visit


If your IR100 has firmware later than v255-c-158 and you witness the 'Network Error: Timeout getting IP address' or 'Port 80 Connect Failed. Unable to load Stations List', 'DNS Servers invalid'  messages, please try setting up a static IP address.



Port 5000 blocked and Rebuffering

TCP Port 5000 is commonly used by uPnP protocol.  Unfortunately some internet providers block this port number.

Reciva radios also use this port number for downloading the Stations List.  Later revisions to firmware available on other radios are able to make use of alternative port numbers.


If you experience rebuffering problems, you may wish to consider opening up the following tcp and udp ports on your router to your IR100 to see if there is any improvement: 

            80, 554, 1755, 5000 and 7070

RealAudio streams use port 7070 so if you encounter buffering or other problems with RealAudio streams only, check that port 7070 is open on your firewall.


If you are having to open up ports on your router to get your radio working, you may be better off in the long run by considering a new wifi router if there is no newer router firmware to resolve the problem.




802.11n Wireless N networks

Reciva radios only support 802.11b 11Mbps or 802.11g 54Mbps wireless modes.  There is no support for the new 802.11n.  If you ar using a wireless N router, ensure it is configured for mixed mode.  eg. 802.11b/g/n or 802.11g/n.

Some early Reciva radios such as the Acoustic Energy Radio, Magicbox Imp & Imp Adapt, and Morphy Richards radio to name a few will not tolerate the presence of a Wireless N network.  

If your your router is Wireless N enabled, disable the 802.11n functionality, otherwise the radio will not be able to connect to it.  Replacing the Zydas usb wireless dongle fitted inside the radio, with a RaLinkTech dongle will resolve the problem.

Click here for details of compatible replacement dongles



'DNS Servers Invalid' Error Message


If you encounter the above message, try configuring your radio to use a static IP address and using OpenDNS or your ISP's DNS servers.


Here is a dumbed down guide I have produced.


The 'DNS Servers Invalid' error message may also occur if you have a tendency to switch off your wireless router when not using it, and hence powering the router and your IR100 both up at the same time.  If you must turn off your router, make absolutely sure when you come to turn on your router, that it is powered up a couple of minutes BEFORE you power on your IR100 at the mains socket (Do not rely on the Standby button on the IR100 to turn the radio off and on)





How to improve WiFi reception

Quite simply, the Logik IR100 has poor wireless sensitivity.  One documented solution is to move the USB wireless dongle fitted within the Logik to the outside by using a short USB extension lead. 


Reciva community forum member, DavidlawUK, has recently made modifications to his Logik IR100 as described in the above links. He was kind enough to send me his photos and comments for inclusion on my webpage.   Click here for more details.

See also the section 'Alternative USB Dongle'.


I came across this yahoo group where one Logik owner has cleverly relocated the wireless module within the acoustic tube of his IR100.

Yahoo Wi-fi Internet Radio group


It then occurred to me perhaps to improve wireless sensitivity without making any major alterations to the case, all one really has to do is simply to put some distance between the USB wireless dongle and any nearby electronic components.   The wireless dongle is presently sandwiched between various circuit boards so it comes as no surprise the wireless sensitivity is pretty awful.

Using a short USB extension lead, I speculate one could just relocate the USB wireless dongle towards the rear of the inside of the case.  Follow this link.


There are a few things you may be able to try before considering any of the above modifications.

There are only a dozen or so wifi channels available and if any of your neighbours have a wireless network, it is possible you may be getting some interference from them if they are using the same channel number as your own wireless network.  Unfortunately Microsoft Windows itself doesn't provide any useful utility to help you ascertain what channel numbers are being used. 

If you have a notebook running Windows and a compatible wireless card, you can use a wifi network scanning utility.

Update (2009):  Alternative Wifi network scanning utility which works on XP and Vista. If you have XP, you will need to install Netframework 2.0 or higher from Microsoft.




Alternative USB Wireless Dongle

A list of compatible 802.11b/g USB wireless adapters can be found at the new Sharpfin website here.



Ethernet LAN connection

By installing the latest firmware, it is possible to install a USB hub and add ethernet capability. Alternatively, you can unplug the existing wifi adapter and connect an ethernet adapter to the existing socket using a short USB extension lead.

A list of compatible ethernet USB adapters can be found here.



Adding Remote Control


I have successfully added remote control function to a BT internet radio.

Click here for details






Dim display


20 months on (Aug 2008), and when I look at the display, I am convinced the brightness of the display has deteriorated.  Even at maximum brightness setting, it is barely readable under normal day light.  It is certainly no where near as bright as the display fitted to my Vistron MX-200i.  This deterioration may well be a consequence of leaving the Logik switched on albeit mostly on standby 24/7.


Above photo on left was taken when the radio was brand new.  Photo on right was taken recently, 20 months later.

I now switch off the IR100 at the mains power socket to prevent any further deterioration of the display.


(Update: 30 Sep 09)    Click here to open new page for an update

(Update: 10 May 11)   Although the display brightness does not appear to have deteriorated any further since I started to power off the radio from Aug 2008 when it is not in use, I have decided to retire the radio.




Poor response Scroll/Select knob

The Scroll/Select control knob on the IR100 can fail.  This is precisely what happened to my IR100.


Update (July 08):  Many months later, I managed to acquire a spare Rotary encoder board off eBay and fit it myself.


The replacement board has fixed the scroll/select knob fault.   It also seems to have cured the clicking issue that was previously audible through the loudspeaker when rotating the scroll knob. 




IR100 blows headphones

Click here for Reciva forum thread.



Station Presets are lost when power is removed

Added Nov 09.


I discovered recently when I program any of the five presets with a radio station, then remove mains power from the radio, the presets revert back to a previous settings.  Also the radio has been starting up with the same radio station every time it is switched on at the mains power socket.


Referring back to the Reciva forum threads, one owner found he was able to resolve the problem by using Sharpfin method and repeatedly flash between two different versions of firmware and carry out factory reset.  But others have reported this method didn't resolve the problem for them.


I happen to join the Reciva beta testers programme when it was first launched a few years ago, so took the opportunity to use it to upgrade the IR100 from official v257-a-615-a-087 to v257-a-865-a-400 beta.

This resolved the problems of the station presets.



In response to a query I posted on the Reciva forums, member 'Gary63' mentioned:

My AE radio some months ago had a period of sticking to the same radio statio and volume setting between power cycles.
In the end I had to do a manufacturers reset (power off, hold SELECT button, power on while still holding SELECT, then release SELECT after 20-30 seconds). This dumped all custom settings, including the network keys etc, but did unstick the volume and station.
Obviously had to scan for networks, then re-enter the web key, and set up all the presets etc.

I can only assume that at some point, the daily configuration settings get stored in a file somewhere, and that it got corrupted for some reason, possibly as I power off the radio when not in use, rather than putting in standby.





Third Party


IR100 Hacked & Sharpfin


Here is the link to the Sharpfin project where its goal is to gather information about the 'Barracuda' radio module currently used in all Reciva internet radio products, so as to be able to develop alternative open source software for the radio.

Thanks to Pippo, the Sharpfin project website has been resurrected:

Link to resurrected Sharpfin Project   

On this website, you will find a link to 'Enabling Login' where there are some useful video guides to show how to install the Sharpfin base patch.

Once the Sharpfin base patch has been installed onto the radio, you are then able to access your radio by a number of different means, and carry out operations such as installing newer firmware.

Warning: If you decide to patch/upgrade you IR100 radio, you do so at your own risk. 

Link to Sharpfin Google Group


Unbricking the radio using JTAG

A new thread on the above subject has started in the Sharpfin google group thanks to the work by 'Menlopete'.  Click here.


Please note that using JTAG to unbrick your radio is not likely to be straightforward.  There are numerous variables involved which may likely lead to dismal failure.   See also IR100 Repair Service

I believe SteveGB was quoting £20 including UK return postage if the module is successfully reflashed.



(Added 23 Feb 09)

I recently bought a JTAG programmer and decided to have a go at unbricking a radio belonging to a friend.

Click here for more info




Other Information


Other References

My Vistron MX-200i Resource page

My Roberts Stream 83i Resource page (New 10 May 2011)

A YouTube video of Logik IR100

My canvas roof cover for small conservatory

My Brother HL-1450 laser printer – adding an ethernet port



Ask a Question

If you have a query about your Logik IR100, please post the question on the The Internet Radio forum.